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How do I Place an order?

    The best way to place an order would be to email the title, price, dimensions, item number and any particular details (such as names or hair color changes) to The second best way to currently place an order with us, is to call the main workshop at +1(361)596-7016 between the hours of 8am and 5pm CST and speak with George. If the title or index number written below the picture is different than the information on the picture please use the information below the picture. Some of these images are years old and as the catalogue expands it is quicker to update the text than the actual pictures. If a picture has two or more sizes available, it is important that you specify which dimensions you are interested in along with the price based on that size. We ARE NOT currently taking orders via this website. However we are making progress towards making this a secure site to be able to take orders and payments on items in the near future.

What is the Index Number for this item?

    For most of the items the index number is shown on the actual picture of the item. It will start with a letter such as C,T, or H and be followed directly by a group of numbers. There should be two dashes separating the last four digits of the index number from the main group of numbers and each other. An example index number would be C219-48-36.

    If there is a number on the picture and also a number in the text below the picture, please use the number in the text below the picture because it reflects its new location in our inventory system. This also applies to titles. If the title of the item is different in the picture and in the bold face text below the picture, please use the bold face text because it is more current than the picture.

    You can skip the step of including the index number if you are unsure, but not providing one may increase the time it takes to ensure that the artist knows exactly which item he should be making for you. If there are two versions of the same picture with the same index number, further clarification may be needed by providing the dimensions or allowing time for us to review the similar items and make sure you get the design you wanted.

Will my lawn art look exactly like the pictures in the showcase?

    Not Always- which is why there are disclaimers and notifications throughout the showcase that some colors may be altered, varied or changed. Of course, you, as the customer, can make some request such as including a favorite color or making a complimentary palate to what you already own. On the other hand, some of the pictures are from years ago and since those pictures were taken, taste and color availability has changed. Also, these pieces are all individually created displays of artistry crafted by hand. As the artist develops his craft, he discovers new techniques for things such as creating depth and beauty on gift wrap in a Christmas piece. It is highly recommended to trust the artist and his keen eye for what will make a spectacular display of art, bringing joy and wonder to your yard and everyone who gets to see the final product. However, if you are absolutely set on having an exact replica of any picture in our showcase, be sure to say so when placing your order and your wishes will be accommodated as much as possible. There is a chance that the colors used in some of these pictures has since been discontinued by the paint supplier George's Art uses.

Can I use my Credit Card?

     Our current forms of payments include personal checks and money orders. Cash is only accepted at the shop in town on Lancaster Street. The payment must be received in advance of receiving your product. It is our intention to look into establishing online credit card payments at some point in the future.

Can I have my order delivered to me?

    We do not normally ship items due to the inconsistencies in pricing via UPS, FedEx, and other shipping companies. The size, weight, and destination of the piece can change the price so dramatically we cannot give a standard by which to guide final pricing for pieces that are shipped to a customer. We will try to work with you on gaining the closest possible estimate of weight and height, but we take no responsibility for the price difference between third party shipping estimates and the actual cost. If you absolutely want it to be shipped, all additional cost will be your responsibility. To seriously discuss shipping please contact George via his email( or his phone number +1(361)596-7016 between the hours of 8am and 5pm CST .

How long will it take to receive my order?

     Once a request for a piece has been made, then a payment arrangement must be made via phone or e-mail. When that is set up, it will take an average of 4 weeks to prepare your order. The entire balance of the purchase price must be paid before any piece is given to the person who ordered it. Almost every single order is made from scratch, at request, which is why it takes so long to obtain the desired lawn art. During the peak holiday season ( October 1- December 23) orders can take up to 6 weeks to fill because each piece is being custom crafted and painted by hand in the order that the requests were received with preference given to closest holidays if Orders placed by the announced Order By date each year. For those who are considering the option of having your purchase delivered to you, the length of time between the initial request and delivery must be changed to factor in the shipping company delivery time. If you are reading this within a month of the holiday you wanted to decorate for, we highly recommend you continue with your order chances are good you will recieve your item, we are being cautious of promising more then we can deliver as a general rule. No late orders will be given preferential treatment.

Is the listed price the Final Price?

     We are making our best effort to keep the prices on this site current; however, sometimes there are special circumstances that alter the price. The sales tax may vary depending on how the items are purchased and received. The cost of materials can alter the overall prices before the scheduled update of the website. Adding text to certain items can increase the cost, as well as modifying the original design. By altering the original design, we mean such requests as altering background details, adding or removing characters, and changing the original dimensions of the overall piece. Requests like changing the color of an object, the hair or skin color of people (but not the size or position in the scene), the background color, or other similar color modifications should not alter the price much. No matter what kind of modifications you want to make to the pictures you view in the showcase, you can rest assured that once a price is given to you from George, that will be the final price and it will not change. There are also sales of overstock merchandise available only in the Moulton store location that cannot be applied to similar pieces found on the internet.

Can I make special requests or customize my order?

    Yes. If you see an item you like but wished the hair, eyes, or skin tone were different, those changes are easily accommodated since each piece is created upon request.

    Vinyl lettering can be added as well. Generally pieces designed to accommodate text can display a seasonal greeting and a longer family name. Pieces such as Santa's list are designed to hold a longer list of first names. Text may be added to almost every piece, but it will have to be submitted for measurement by a text specialist at George’s Art before they will guarantee the message will fit. George's Art reserves the right to refuse to add unfit language to their art.

    Lights can only be added to certain size pieces so there is no guarantee that you can purchase an unlighted piece with lights added. Lighted pieces can only be done in C7 or C9size Christmas lights in either a transparent or ceramic tint. (They look like the ones you traditionally place on the exterior of a home but we use commercial grade wiring and bulbs that have a higher quality and safety rating than something you could pick up in a super shopping center.) Transparent lights cause a brighter effect and Ceramic lights cause a softer hue on all the colors in the piece. Our lawn art is not designed to use incandescent, LED or mini lights.

    Signs that are completely unrelated to the holidays or anything featured in the gallery are possible but within certain limitations.

    To receive a full list of the available colors and fonts for merchandise or to place any specialized order, it is best to Contact George directly at his email or at +1(361)596-7016 between the hours of 8am and 5pm CST .

How long of a message can I add to my Lawn Art?

    Generally the pieces are designed to accommodate a seasonal greeting and a longer family name. Pieces such as Santa’s list are designed to hold a longer list of first names. Text may be added to almost every piece but it will have to be submitted and measured by a text specialist at George's Art before they will guarantee the message will fit. George's Art reserves the right to refuse to add unfit language to their art. Examples of seasonal messages are: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays; Season's Greetings; Happy Hanukkah; Feliz Navidad; Happy Thanksgiving; Happy Halloween; Trick or Treat; Happy Easter; Spring is here; Happy Fourth of July; and countless others.

How Long do these pieces last?

    If properly stored, when not on display, these pieces can last an average of 12-18 years.

Do you make Disney® Characters or any other well-known characters?

      Because of copyright laws, we do not attempt to replicate any well-known characters.

Are all the Items on the website available in the store?


The store has a range of pre-created pieces that are displayed as a representation of what the artist is capable of doing and to reflect the current season.Many things found in the store tend to be limited editions. If they sell well in the store then a picture is taken for the internet.

Most orders are custom made upon request and may be displayed in the shop for the short time frame between order completion and pick up since the store is easier to get to than the actual workshop.

The best time to find pre-created pieces for Christmas and Fall in the store is in September. For Easter and spring related pieces, the best time to visit the store is late February into early March. The convenience of the store is that you can take home the pieces you find on the same day.

If you want to know if a certain piece or a similar piece has been pre-made and is on display at the store please contact Joyce Luksovsky via +1(361)596-7226 between the hours of 8am and 5pm CST . Calling Joyce to check store availability will not guaranteed that item will ever be pre-created but if it is in the store she may hold it for a time for you. If you see something in the internet showcase you like order it via and do not rely on the chance it might be avaiable as a pre-created piece at the store.

What is this lawn art made of?

    The wood is a high quality sign board like the ones on bill boards, so it is built to withstand weathering and warping. It is light yet durable, waterproof, and is 3/8 inches thick. The paint is high grade oil based commercial paint also developed to stay vibrant for at least a decade! Each piece is a one sided cut out and comes complete with all the hardware needed to easily display your artwork.

How do I install my yard art?

    You will only need a hammer. Use the hammer to place the metal bar provided in your yard where desired then simply slide your art into place.

What do I need to transport my new Lawn Art

    Depending on the number and size of the pieces and whether or not it comes with lights, you may need to bring a truck with a full size bed or rent a small U-Haul to transport the pieces. We recommend you bring blankets or quilts to wrap each piece in so they do not scrape against other objects and damage the paint. The Paint will be dry but friction can sometimes do more damage than weather. For lighted pieces, it is highly recommended they be shipped with the lights in, but we can remove the lights for ease of transport. From experience, we find that an enclosed vehicle with 4 x 5 ft. flat area with the seats laid down can transport most single pieces. Customers using trucks should bring some form of tie downs to prevent fly aways. We are not responsible for damage done in transport.

How do I store my Art between Seasons?

    Proper storage would be in a dry place, preferably covered with a blanket, and either laying down flat or stood straight up. Do not use plastic or synthetics to cover the art because it may melt onto the piece. Attics are not recommended for storage areas due to the extreme Southern heat.