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George's Newletter

Spring 2017

Vol. 4~Issue 1

Geroges Lawn Art Spring 2017 Newsletter

George's Lawn Art Showcase

700 S Lancaster
Moulton, TX 77975

Tues-Sun 8am-5pm

Valued Customers,

As always we thank you for your business and are excited to see the number of people following us on Social Media is growing!

This year we are going to have our annual Spring/Fall sales and have again outlined a guideline for when is the best time to purchase items for our biggest holidays: Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. There will be reminder post throughout the year via Facebook so if you have not liked our business page yet this would be a good year to do so.

We also have other items hidden in our Other menu for holidays such as Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and patriotic displays that can be placed out several times a year.

The website features some historically best selling items but if you really want to pick something new then the shop is the best place to find it. If you are in the Moulton area, we still urge you to stop in at our store and browse through our current inventory. If not then bring some extra cash when you pick up your item so you don't miss out on the one of kinds that could be waiting for you when you pick up your order.

Thank you and Enjoy,

George's Art Staff

spring easter saleHoliday Image

Spring Sale Dates:April 1st -9th

In Store Spring Items ONLY will be sold at a 10% discount.

To make this very clear only items on the walls in the shop in Moulton, Texas that are not previously sold items waiting to be picked up will have the 10% discount.
BUT don't let that discourage you. There is always a healthy supply of bunnies under $20 and easter eggs under $15 at full price. These can make a wonderful easter egg hunt paradise with. Drop in shop and save!

Custom Creations, orders placed instore or online and orders previously placed but picked up during this week will not be discounted during this sell.

Fall~Winter Holiday Image

Sale Dates From September 30 to October 8th 2017

From 8 am September 30th until 5 pm October 8th all fall/winter preconceived merchandise is 10% off.

On the website that means all images that can be viewed under Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will receive a discount if ordered and paid for during the sale event.

Also on the website there will be a special page that displays all the discounted prices will be available on the homepage of this site as well as a link provided on Facebook. Starting on the day Before the Sale- September 29th

In the store that means all items on display can be bought for a discount.

Custom Creations will not be discounted during this sell.

Order By Dates

Comic- Leperchaun holding symbols from all holidays

We know it seems like everyone is rushing the holidays more and more each year but with a business this size it is a must to ensure we can keep up our quality.

All art is hand drawn, painted and assembled by a very small work force so order by dates helps us best help you get the most out of your purchases.

All dates shown here are suggestions. Orders made for these holidays AFTER the date posted will still be accepted but the completion date may vary from those listed here.

Orders placed by the dates below will be completed with preference SOME given to the season and holiday that is soonest. But beyond that it is first ordered, first completed.

It is always better to get your orders in sooner rather then later.

An expected delivery date is not a money back guarantee again the team is very small so a lot of work or a health issue causes delays and although we apologize we are doing our best.

Any Order received after the posted dates will be worked on in the order received with no consideration of what holiday it is for and may not be ready for display during this year's season.

Holiday with top priority Order By Date Expected Pick Up Date
Easter February 27, 2017 April 10, 2017
Halloween October 1, 2017 October 26, 2017
Thanksgiving October 9, 2017 November 16, 2017
Christmas- full season display November 1, 2017 November 25,2017
Christmas- display THIS Season November 15, 2017 December 5, 2017
All Orders received after November 15,2017 will be done in first come first served order no matter what season it is displayed during.

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