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Call Ahead if You need to set an Appointment outside normal buisness hours for pick up.

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Community Projects

There are examples of Community Projects in the About Company Section of the website.

If you are interested in doing a community project you must be able to provide proof that you are a Representative of the city/county/state/national government and have the approval from the level of government that you represent to speak on their behalf in a contract inquiry and confirm monetary commitment to any agreement reached on said project.

To reiterate George Kalisek does not have any interest in doing any type of mural work.

Again the best time for these types of request is in the Spring post Easter and through out the Summer months. You may contact George Kalisek via his email( or his phone number 361-596-7016 . All projects are considered on a case by case basis except for murals, which are not considered at all.