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Business Hours:

Hours: 8am-5pm
Closed Noon to 1pm for lunch
Sunday Hours-1pm-5pm
Shop Closed Monday-can still place orders via phone or email
Call Ahead if You need to set an Appointment outside normal buisness hours for pick up.

To Place New or Discuss Pending Orders:

...via Email:

...via Phone : +1(361)596-7016

To Pick Up Orders or Contact the shop:

  702 S Lancaster St
Moulton, Tx 77975
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Bulk Orders and Resale Purchases

A bulk order is any order that request more then 24 pieces (excluding any nativity scene that may have more then that number of items as a part of its whole set price).

All orders this size or bigger have the potential of being used for resale.

   Since there is a legal element to large orders, all orders over 24 items must be made directly to George George Kalisek via his email( or his phone number 361-596-7016 . Each Bulk Order is considered on a case by case basis.

You are allowed to order a large number of items and George's Art and Sign does allow resale opportunities with permission and a contract.

If you are just interested in a large purchase without the intention to resale you may be asked to state so in writing

As is the right of the company and artist as the owner of the copyright of its original work all non authorized resale of the product is expressly forbidden and we reserve the right to take perpetrators through civil and where applicable criminal prosecution to protect those copyrights.